Sunday, 22 April 2012

April Inventions

So, I thought I would share with you all some of the numerous items that have been invented throughout history in the month of April. There are many to choose from, so here is a small selection.
The roller skate patented on the 6th April 1869 Isaac Hodgson (No 88,711).[1]

Image of the roller skate design. [1]

A disposable syringe gained its patent on the 9th April 1974 (No 3,802,434), designed by Phil Brooks. [2] Whilst various forms of intravenous injection and infusion had been in occurrence from the 1670s, Charles Gabriel Pravaz and Alexander Wood who were the first to develop a syringe with a needle fine enough to pierce the skin in 1853. [3] As can be seen in the patent for Brooks design he mentions the various other needles available, however he notes the advantages of his disposable device.

Disposable syringe design. [2]

An ironing board patent was granted to Sarah Boone on 26th April 1892 (No 473, 653). [4] Her improvement in ironing boards was produced to make a ‘cheap, simple, convenient and highly effective device’ which was particularly useful when ‘ironing sleeves and bodies of ladies garments’.[5]
Part of the ironing board patent. [4]

Whilst we don't have any of these items in our museum, we have many others. Check out the next mystery item to have a glimpse at what we have to offer. As always, thanks for reading and I hope you have found something which interests you.

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